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A fuel dispenser is a machine that is used to pump gasoline,kerosene,petrol,diesel or other types of fuel into vehicles,accordingly,this kind of machine could be classified as Diesel Fuel Dispenser,Petrol Fuel Dispenser for example.

Fuel dispenser are also known as bowsers(in Australia),gas pumps(in Norh America),or petrol pumps(in Commonwealth countries.)
From the beginning of the 20th century,the fuel dispenser has experienced 4 stages:manually,mechanically,electronically and Computerized auto type.
 A popular fuel dispenser is logically consisted of motor, pump, computer controller, flow meter, pulse sensor and automatic nozzle, etc.Especialy,when the accuracy is out of tolerance because of use time or working condition,the accuracy can be adjusted by change coefficient on flowmeter. While the dispenser cannot recover the normal accuracy, we can open the side covers of flow meter to check the piston(like a bowl) and distribution valve sruface.Also for some mini fuel dispenser,the computer coefficient can be adjusted through keyboard,too!

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